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"Being a very busy and well connected person, I have more things to do and less time to do it. It was difficult for me to say “No” to people and things. So being busy, in my case, created situations in which I was unable to complete tasks as well as I would prefer. I have had many coaches before but they have not been successful with getting me in the right direction. With Sergey, I felt not pushed but led. In this manner, I was able to internalize what I was learning about time management.
Sergey is flexible and works on a very personal level with his clients. I believe that is why I have been
able to progress in my coaching. I would recommend him to anyone without reservations."

- C.C., Real Estate Broker

"The Discovery session with Sergey triggered a shift in awareness for me. I realized my thinking was really weighing me down. Today, the day after our session, I feel lighter and have a renewed sense of hope in my future ... I’m very grateful - thank you Sergey! 

Wow, I had a thousand thoughts by the time I got up! It’s been really interesting. "

- S. M., Artist

"Working with Sergey changed my life around. I am much better in setting goals and achieving them - while staying well-organized. I also found a great value in learning different concepts that improved my personal and social life. "

- A.N., Software Engineer

"With Sergey's coaching, I gained a new focus on my business and my personal life goals and dreams. I found my real purpose and managed to grow my business in balance with my personal dreams. I now can pass my happiness to my clients!"

- T.M., Small Business Owner

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