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Sergey Dunayev

Self-Talk Institute Certified Self Talk Trainer,

Life Coach Institute Certified Life and Business Coach


Meet The Team of Self Talk Trainers in the Pacific Northwest-West Coast!



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   Russian-born business developer in China and the U.S., Sergey Dunayev has found a true calling through Dr. Shad Helmstetter’s Self-Talk      principles. Dr. Helmstetter’s ideas have helped Sergey identify and develop his passion for helping others move their dreams to reality, as well

 as transform his own life. Using Self-Talk as a guide, Sergey has increased his happiness, met his career and financial goals, become healthier   and more fit.


   In addition to developing his own businesses, Sergey has worked for a non-profit organization, moving unemployed families back to self-sufficiency. He also chairs on the board of a local non-profit, and fundraises for various charities.


   Sergey lives in Greater Seattle area with his wife, Tanya, and their two dogs, Brenda and Loui. In his spare time, Sergey is a functional fitness and kettlebell sports Coach. He also enjoys hiking, gardening and reading.

Roxanne Angel

Self-Talk Institute Certified Self Talk Trainer,

Life Coach Institute Certified Leadership Coach

Life Coach Institute Certified Life Coach

Life Coach Institute Certified Life Coach

Phone: (360)510-0533

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Roxanne Angel has a strong track record in helping people through leadership, community service, activism and management. She is

a LCI, Certified Leadership Coach, LCI Self Talk Trainer and a LCI Business & Life Coach. She has worked with hundreds of people and truly loves making a difference in the world. This starts with self-talk! She has extensive experience in the Marketing, Art, Advertising, Hospitality, Planning and Network Marketing. She leads with integrity and her desire to provide the highest level of service to inspire positive change and growth. 


Having owned her own businesses and also working  for corporate America, Roxanne understands both sides of the coin. She has helped numerous clients achieve their goals. With over 25 years of experience connecting with people, Roxanne brings a high level of energy and professionalism to "Dream. Think. Change".  She is a dynamic leader who is involved in her community and believes in paying it forward. Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Roxanne moved to San Juan Island, WA in 2007. Her dream of moving to The San Juan Islands became a reality with self-talk, goals and a plan of action. She has since moved to Bainbridge Island, WA. where she enjoys both the luxury of island life and the convenience of a quick ferryride to "The Emerald City" of Seattle.


Emily Uebelhoer

Self-Talk Institute Certified Self Talk Trainer,

Life Coach Institute Certified Life Coach

Phone: (916)-201-6764

   To visit Emily, please click here.


Emily Uebelhoer is a highly energetic and joyful person.  She brings positive lasting change to the people she meets.  After college, with a study in chemistry and playing basketball on scholarship, she worked as an environmental chemist.  Quickly moving into management, for 15 years she had a happy, motivated, successful staff. Wanting more flexibility with her son and family,  she started a career in real estate.  As a realtor for 13+ years now, working solely by referral, her clients remain her friends and biggest fans. ( the feeling is mutual!).


The desire to improve the lives of people and encourage others to be successful in their passions, Emily has begun coaching and training individuals, businesses, and athletes in the scientifically proven technique of self talk.

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