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      Do you have the desire to improve your life?



Emily Uebelhoer is a highly energetic and joyful person.  She brings positive lasting change to the people she meets.  After college, with a study in chemistry and playing basketball on scholarship, she worked as an environmental chemist.  Quickly moving into management for 15 years, she had a happy, motivated, successful staff. Wanting more flexibility with her family,  she started a career in real estate.  She's been a referrals-only realtor for over 13 years, and her clients remain her friends and biggest fans (the feeling is mutual!).

With the desire to improve the lives of people and encourage others to be successful in their passions, Emily has begun coaching and training individuals, businesses, and athletes in the scientifically proven field of Self Talk.

"What a blessing and joy to see lives transform into the people they we're meant to be!" -Emily

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